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Seeking Jordan

Book Cover: Matthew McKay
ISBN: 978-1608683734

How I Learned the Truth about Death and the Invisible Universe

Publisher: New World Library

If you have lost someone you deeply love, or have become strongly aware of your mortality, it s hard to avoid wondering about life after death, the existence of God, notions of heaven and hell, and why we are here in the first place. The murder of Matthew McKay s son, Jordan, sent him on a journey in search of ways to communicate with his son despite fears and uncertainty. Here he recounts his efforts including past-life and between-life hypnotic regressions, a technique called induced after-death communication, channeled writing, and more.


McKay ultimately learned how to reach his son. In this book he provides extraordinary revelations direct from Jordan about the soul s life after death, how karma works, why we incarnate, why there is so much pain in the world, the single force that connects us, and our future as souls. Unlike many books about after-death communication, near-death experiences, and past-life memories, this is a book for those who do not believe yet yearn to know what happens after death. In addition to being riveting reading, Seeking Jordan is a unique heart-, soul-, and mind-stirring reflection on the issues each of us will ultimately face.


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    We are here — each of us — for a reason. And the pain we face — each of us on this planet — comes for a reason.

    Pain is the path to truth. It refracts light to reveal things not otherwise seen. In the heart of pain is a moment when the universe, and our place within it, becomes more visible. This is a story of entering that moment, of listening to what pain teaches.

    Six years ago, I lost something more precious than my own life. At that moment, I began the journey you’ll find in this book. I wanted to know the truth about why we are here and what happens after death. So far I have learned this: Nothing is truly lost. Nothing. The soul is constant,
    never broken. Pain seems to damage us, but the damage is
    an illusion. The idea of safety or protection is an illusion. It is all safe — everything we love.

    This is the story of how I came to know these things. I am not a psychic or a medium; I am not clairaudient. I am, rather, a psychologist with a deep love of science. I am a researcher who conducts randomized, controlled trials. I’d never expected to take this journey. But as I have learned, in the heart of pain exist things I’d never imagined.

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